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Sessions are facilitated using evidence based models and approaches of psychology. Fundamental to Connected Spirit therapy is the engagement of your heart, wisdom and healing potential to address the issues and challenges you're facing today in a confidential, safe, caring, accepting and healing space

What is Connected Spirit Alignment?

If you're seeking clarity about your life purpose and wish to consciously embrace your inner soul~spirit, Connected Spirit Alignment sessions assist you to experience an enhanced perception of your inner divinity and divine purpose.


Using intuitive conversation, divine invocation and intuition, Connected Spirit Alignment sessions inspire a heightened capacity to align with your inner Supreme Self, the aspect of God that you are.

Honouring Your Own Divinity...

By honouring your inner divinity, wisdom and wellspring of love, you reveal a greater sense of connection to the world, your purpose within it, and the courage to express your innate truth.


Through contemplative and meditative experiences you may access a deeper perception of your wellspring of love and your capacity to give and receive love.


Realising Purpose And Finding Solutions...

A Connected Spirit alignment session assists you to tap into your Soul Spirit's  innate wisdom and your connection to the Divine as a way of self discovering personal solutions to life's challenges and a greater sense of life purpose.

Results From Your Connected Spirit Alignment Session May Include...

⦿ Discovering and honouring your

    inner greatness

⦿ Clarifying and embracing

    life challenges


⦿ Recognising, processing and

    imbibing life lessons

⦿ Consciously imbibing your inner

    wellspring of love


⦿ Finding soul~spirit connection

    within and self realising your 

    life purpose and potential

⦿  Expanding your consciousness

     and self awareness

Acceptance And Inclusion...

Connected Spirit believes acceptance and inclusion are core ingredients for healing and harmony. Your beliefs, ancestry, physicality, mental & emotional state of being, gender identity, sexual identity and relationship choices are all part of who you are. We embrace diversity with an open heart. Adam's focus is to perceive and bring further awareness to your heart, wisdom and soul/spirit; your indwelling resource for sustained guidance and support in your life.


Do You Have More Questions?

Want to know more about Connected Spirit Alignment, Counselling, Events And Workshops? Call Adam for a free 15 minute discussion and to make an appointment.

Adam Weaver


Melbourne  Australia

8.30am-6.30pm Mon-Fri

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