What Is Connected Spirit  Counselling?


Counselling sessions are facilitated using evidence based models and approaches of psychology to assist clients to develop self-understanding. We discuss and explore how positive and negative thoughts, personal beliefs and actions influence our present and future circumstances. And how you can address difficult issues such as...

⦿ Phobias, Fear & Anxiety

⦿ Grief, Loss & Sadness

⦿ Depression

⦿ Low Self-esteem

⦿ Trauma

⦿ Life Despondency

⦿ Loneliness & Disconnection

⦿ Fatigue & Burnout

⦿ Sleeping Difficulty

⦿ Overwhelm

⦿ Love

⦿ Relationships

⦿ Sexuality

Connected Spirit counselling differs from traditional counselling as it discusses the importance of engaging your heart, wisdom and healing potential to address the issues and challenges you're facing, in a space of acceptance and healing.


Unlike Spiritual Counselling, there is no reference to spiritual concepts. It's therefore tailored towards people with a more atheist or agnostic viewpoint.


If you're interested to know more about Connected Spirit Counselling please call Adam Weaver for a free 15 minute consultation, or to make an appointment.

For an appointment contact:

Adam Weaver


Melbourne  Australia

8.30am-6.30pm Mon-Fri.

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