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What Is Connected Spirit  Counselling?


Counselling sessions are facilitated using evidence based models and approaches of psychology to assist clients to develop self-understanding. We discuss and explore how positive and negative thoughts, personal beliefs and actions influence our present and future circumstances. And how you can address difficult issues such as...

⦿ Anxiety

⦿ Depression

⦿ Stress

⦿ Fear

⦿ Trauma

⦿ Grief & Loss

⦿ Love Issues

⦿ Sexuality (incl. LGBQTIA)

⦿ Low Self Esteem

⦿ Fatigue

⦿ Sleeping Difficulty

What's Different About Connected Spirit Counselling?

Connected Spirit counselling differs from traditional counselling as it discusses the importance of engaging your heart, and wisdom to address the issues and challenges you're facing, in a space of acceptance and healing.


Unlike Spiritual Counselling, there is no reference to spiritual concepts. It's therefore tailored towards people with a more atheist or agnostic viewpoint.


Acceptance And Inclusion...

Connected Spirit believes acceptance and inclusion are core ingredients for healing and harmony. Your beliefs, ancestry, physicality, mental & emotional state of being, gender identity, sexual identity and relationship choices are all part of who you are. We embrace diversity with an open heart.

For More Information...

Want to know more about Connected Spirit Counselling, Events And Workshops? Call Adam for a free 15 minute discussion and to make an appointment.

Adam Weaver


Melbourne  Australia

Call 8.30am - 6.30pm

Monday to Friday

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