NDIS Counselling As a Deakin University qualified Counsellor, Adam Weaver is bound by the National Disability Insurance Scheme Services 'code of conduct', and permitted to offer services as an unregistered provider to: NDIS Self Managed or Plan Managed Participants only.

"When our life purpose is clarified and understood, we can take our next steps towards living an authentic life in alignment with out personal truth. This foundation supports and empowers us to more competently surmount life challenges".

NDIS Counselling      

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1 Hour: $156.16

What Is The Purpose?

Are you wanting to build and strengthen a greater sense of Mind-Body-Spirit connection within yourself? Connected Spirit NDIS Counselling Sessions support the development of:

⦿ Self Awareness

⦿ Self acceptance

⦿ Emotional resilience

⦿ Insight into your personal value

⦿ Insight for personal growth

⦿ Clarity of purpose

⦿ Resilience to surmount adversity

⦿ Setting and achieving goals

What Will We Be Doing?

Counselling can be enjoyable, uplifting, and assist you to thrive. Sessions could include:

⦿ Guided journeying meditation

⦿ Open talk sessions

⦿ Thought exploration

⦿ Goal setting & achievement

⦿ Spiritual discussion

⦿ Techniques for increasing vitality

⦿ Art & music therapy & so much more!

Together let's create a personal care plan that works for you

Employment Related Counselling

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1 Hour: $193.99

Changing vocation altogether or adapting to your old job after an impactful life changing experience is daunting. However, together we can explore new opportunities and pathways to adapt to and embrace your career challenges. Topics to explore may include, but not be limited to:

⦿ Feeling a sense of loss

⦿ Finding ways to adapt to your role

⦿ Exploring your life purpose

⦿ Redefining your career goals

⦿ Discussing vocational opportunities

⦿ Navigating new employment pathways

⦿ Building emotional & mental resilience

⦿ Overcoming work challenges

⦿ Surmounting obstacles

⦿ Achieving goals


What Is The Purpose Of The Sessions?

In counselling sessions we will tap into your wisdom and heart and gain clarity around your life purpose. Together we'll  explore career options and create a pathway to achieve your set goals and objectives. By building resilience, you will better adapt and traverse the change and challenges ahead and navigate your career path with a greater sense of awareness and confidence.

What Will We Be Doing?

Career Counselling can include creative processes to unlock potential, find solutions and build resilience. Sessions could include:

⦿ Guided journeying meditation

⦿ Open talk sessions

⦿ Thought exploration

⦿ Goal setting & achievement

⦿ Mind body spirit discussion

⦿ Techniques for increasing vitality

⦿ Art & music therapy

Together let's create a counselling employment plan to support you in your future career

Acceptance And Inclusion...

Connected Spirit believes acceptance and inclusion are core ingredients for healing and harmony. Your beliefs, ancestry, physicality, mental & emotional state of being, gender identity, sexual identity and relationship choices are all part of who you are. We embrace diversity with an open heart.

Do You Have More Questions?

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