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What do Scientists, Agnostics, Atheists, Skeptics, Spiritual Seekers and Religious groups have in common? 


They acknowledge Love exists


Yet groups and individuals often focus on their differences instead of unity.  Love Others Value Earth ~ L.O.V.E ~ isn’t interested in differences, only the difference we make when love of humanity, nature and earth is at the core of our decisions.  Love Others Value Earth’s purpose is to focus on humanity's common belief in love as a way of facilitating global unity, encouraging us to consciously act from Love - to ‘Love Others’. And ‘Value Earth’ beckons us to question our reliance on the planet for survival.  These two words engage our wisdom as we contemplate Earth’s true Value.


L.O.V.E aims to inspire us to consciously Love and use our Wisdom. Each one of us has the capacity to contribute to positive global change; where Earth and Life are truly valued because Love and Wisdom are the foundation of our actions.


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