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Adam Weaver is the Principal of Connected Spirit Counselling and is a Deakin University qualified Counsellor. Adam draws on his academic qualification in Counselling & Coaching and decades of study in eastern philosophy, meditation and healing modalities to facilitate counselling sessions.  Adam offers a holistic and intuitive approach to counselling, inclusive of positive, solution focused, &  transpersonal psychology that incorporates your spiritual, agnostic or atheist beliefs. With a 'mind-body-spirit' focus, Adam collaborates with you to address your personal obstacles and to strengthen your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Counselling is offered to address...

⦿ Anxiety

⦿ Depression

⦿ Stress

⦿ Fear

⦿ Trauma

⦿ Grief & Loss

⦿ Love Issues

⦿ Sexuality (incl. LGBQTIA)

⦿ Low Self Esteem

⦿ Fatigue

⦿ Sleeping Difficulty

⦿ Life Purpose

Why Are People Struggling?

'21st Century Lifestyle / Culture' exacerbates feelings of disconnection, fear and dysfunction leading to stress and suffering. It reinforces a sense of disconnection to each other and the world around us. 


Mental, physical and emotional pain and disillusionment are all 'signposts in life' to to address our thoughts and behaviours and to make beneficial life changes.

Counselling Services...

Choose between traditional Counselling that utilises evidence based models of psychology and counselling to assist you to process and resolve life issues. During Counselling sessions we discuss and explore how positive and negative thoughts, personal beliefs and actions influence our present and future circumstances.


Spiritual Counselling adds an additional layer and integrates your personal spiritual beliefs. It encourages you to intuitively go within to self discover a deeper sense of awareness of your circumstances and offers a clearer sense of action to take. Spiritual Counselling supports you to align and anchor more confidently to your inherent wisdom and love and in so doing you self discover ways to better navigate through, cope and surmount life's challenges.

Acceptance And Inclusion...

Connected Spirit believes acceptance and inclusion are core ingredients for healing and harmony. Your beliefs, ancestry, physicality, mental & emotional state of being, gender identity, sexual identity and relationship choices are all part of who you are. We embrace diversity with an open heart.

For More Information...

Want to know more about Connected Spirit Counselling, Events And Workshops? Call Adam for a free 15 minute discussion and to make an appointment.

Adam Weaver


Melbourne  Australia

Call 8.30am - 6.30pm

Monday to Friday


Spiritual Counselling, Life Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring, Workshops, Divine Guidance, Clairvoyant Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Counselling, Coaching, Self Devel
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Life is not simple at all, however I have met some people that have helped me in my journey ~ one of them is Adam

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