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Connected Spirit Spiritual Counselling draws on a traditional counselling approach overlaid with spirituality that accommodates the client's personal beliefs.


Addressing Life's Challenges...

Are you struggling with life's challenges, finding purpose, feeling a sense of disconnection or fear, or perhaps frustrated with life in general? If so you might like to experience a Connected Spirit Spiritual Counselling session.

What Does A Spiritual Counselling Session Offer?

During a Spiritual Counselling session, you are guided to engage your wisdom and to connect to both infinite life force & love as support for self discovery of solutions to your current  situation.

These sessions are your opportunity to find clarity about life challenges; and to assist you to make decisions that enhance your situation. As greater self awareness arises, physical and emotional release naturally follows. This experience builds inner strength and greater alignment to your innate spirit, indwelling love and wisdom.  And subsequently you will experience an enhanced connection to the world around you.

Common Spiritual Counselling Topics May Include...​

⦿ Anxiety

⦿ Depression

⦿ Stress

⦿ Fear

⦿ Trauma

⦿ Grief & Loss

⦿ Love Issues

⦿ Sexuality (incl. LGBQTIA)

⦿ Low Self Esteem

⦿ Fatigue

⦿ Sleeping Difficulty

⦿ Life Purpose

Acceptance And Inclusion...

Connected Spirit believes acceptance and inclusion are core ingredients for healing and harmony. Your beliefs, ancestry, physicality, mental & emotional state of being, gender identity, sexual identity and relationship choices are all part of who you are. We embrace diversity with an open heart. Adam's focus is to perceive and bring further awareness to your heart, wisdom and soul/spirit; your indwelling resource for sustained guidance and support in your life.

Connected Spirit Offers...

⦿ Acceptance

⦿ Confidentiality

⦿ A safe place to speak

⦿ Respect

⦿ Focused listening

⦿ An open heart

⦿ Humanity

⦿ Support & care

Do You Have More Questions?

Want to know more about Connected Spirit Counselling, Events And Workshops? Call Adam for a free 15 minute discussion and to make an appointment.

Adam Weaver


Melbourne  Australia

8.30am-6.30pm Mon-Fri


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Life is not simple at all, however I have met some people that have helped me in my journey ~ one of them is Adam

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