Connected Spirit Spiritual Counselling draws on a traditional counselling approach overlaid with spirituality that accommodates the client's personal beliefs.


During a Spiritual Counselling session, you are guided to engage your wisdom and to connect to both infinite life force & love as support for self discovery of solutions to your current  situation.


This facilitation offers you the opportunity to find clarity and gain greater awareness, where upon emotion releases naturally through understanding. This experience builds inner strength and greater alignment to your innate spirit, indwelling love and wisdom.  Subsequently you will experience an enhanced connection to the world around you.

Common Spiritual Counselling Topics May Include...​

⦿ Phobias, Fear & Anxiety

⦿ Grief, Loss & Sadness

⦿ Depression

⦿ Low Self-esteem

⦿ Trauma

⦿ Life Despondency

⦿ Loneliness & Disconnection

⦿ Fatigue & Burnout

⦿ Sleeping Difficulty

⦿ Overwhelm

⦿ Love

⦿ Relationships

⦿ Sexuality

If you're struggling to find understanding, purpose, feeling a sense of disconnection or fear, or perhaps frustrated with life in general, then step gently into a Connected Spirit Spiritual Counselling session to reconnect with your inner peace, stillness and love.

Connected Spirit embraces diversity with an open heart. We focus on perceiving your Soul and Inner Spirit and connecting you to the personal greatness that resides within You.

Connected Spirit Offers...

⦿ Acceptance

⦿ Strict confidentiality

⦿ A safe space to speak

⦿ Respect

⦿ Focused listening

⦿ An open heart

⦿ Humanity

⦿ A space to reconnect to your spirit

If you're interested to know more about Connected Spirit Spiritual Counselling please call Adam Weaver for a free 15 minute consultation, or to make an appointment.


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