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What is Spiritual Mentoring?


When our highest individual needs are addressed, we form an authentic and empowered foundation for living in alignment with our life's purpose. Once your inner gifts and life purpose are identified via a Connected Spirit Alignment session, take the next steps towards creating the life you truly deserve to lead with Spiritual Mentoring.


Tap into your wisdom and heart, jump into your drivers seat, set your own goals and take on the necessary challenges to reach your destination.

Discussion topics for self discovery may include...

⦿ Your inner gifts and how to embody them?

⦿ What are your highest individual needs and wishes?

⦿ How can you start addressing these needs and wishes?

⦿ Clarify and embody your potential?

⦿ Define your short and long term goals?

⦿ What opportunities are available to you now?

⦿ What's stopping you from moving forward?

⦿ What changes do you need to   make?

⦿ What next steps will you take?

⦿ What time frame will you commit to?

⦿ How will you measure your success?


Are you ready to take the next steps towards expressing your Divine Spirit, to create the life you always wanted to lead with Connected Spirit Mentoring?

If you're interested to know more about Connected Spirit Spiritual Counselling please call Adam Weaver for a free 15 minute consultation, or to make an appointment.

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